Tips to Choose the Suitable Teak Furniture Wholesale

Tips to Choose the Suitable Teak Furniture Wholesale

For those who love Indonesia furniture, of course they want to collect as many pieces of furniture as possible from that country. Indonesia is indeed prominent for its teak furniture, especially when it comes to fine-carved furniture, like traditional-styled cabinets and dining tables. The most beneficial way to buy the furniture is by buying in bulk. To do this, you need to purchase the furniture from a wholesale seller.


What a Furniture Wholesale Supplier Should Have?


There are numerous teak furniture wholesale suppliers in Indonesia. They provide numerous kinds of furniture that are going to be amazing to bring home. Considering that furniture, teak furniture in particular, is not something with low price tag. Therefore, make sure you choose the right wholesale seller. Here is the list of what a furniture wholesale seller should have to lure in potential customers.


  1. Diverse Types of Products

Good teak furniture wholesale should have diverse types of products. Most people who are planning to buy in bulk usually do not choose to purchase only one type of product. They want to try buying many kinds of furniture, from the small one like mirror frame to the massive one, including cabinet and shelves.

  1. Affordable Shipping Fee

If the wholesale seller is based on Indonesia or other country that is quite far away from where you live, there will be shipping fee to add into the cost. The shipping fee depends on how far the distance between the locations of the seller to the destination address. Being a wholesale seller means the seller should be professional, including in dealing with shipping fee. The fee must be affordable and way lower than the price of the furniture itself.

  1. Cheaper Price for Buying in Bulk

Indonesia Jepara furniture is loved because of its unique, traditional design, its premium quality of the teak, and its authentic look. This is why many people tend to purchase multiple pieces of furniture at the same time. To appreciate customers who shop in bulk, a good wholesale seller should cut down the price. There should be a different price between a single purchase and a purchase in bulk.

  1. Reliable Customer Service

Buying furniture from other countries causes some uneasy feeling, sometimes, especially when the shipping takes weeks to complete. In order to eliminate any negative thoughts, a good furniture wholesale supplier should provide reliable customer service, ready for 24/7 to answer the questions inquired by the customers about their purchase. That way, the customers won’t have to be in constant worry because they are afraid that the furniture they purchase won’t make it to their door.

Those are what you need to know about buying furniture from Indonesia in bulk. There are a lot of great advantages you will get by shopping in large quantity at the same time. Besides saving the shipping fee, you can basically get all the good stuff without having to shop multiple times. This is why contacting furniture wholesale supplier is the right thing to do.