Why are plants needed in the landscape?

Why are plants needed in the landscape?



Without plants, the urban landscape is just a dull environment to live in. However,with careful selections of plants, the constructed places of work and leisure will be in harmony with nature. They arouse a pleasant mood while people feed on a visually appealing garden with their eyes.

Plants can modify the environment to look more spacious, grander, artistic and more. Those with interesting shapes and sizes can create attractive shadow patterns against the ground or wall.

Environmental benefits


Trees and big plants can counteract bad pollution that is rampant all over the bustling city of Singapore.

With the growth in buildings and urban constructions, there is a need to have a good amount of plants that battle the large carbon dioxide and bad air in the environment as they convert them into oxygen that is released into the atmosphere.

However, the presence of soil gives chance to erosion as rain occurs from time to time. Therefore, it is vital to have trees as their branches and leaves at the top ensure that the raindrops are dispersed onto the ground. Their roots also prevent the formation of clear pathways for water to flow, thereby reducing huge puddles of excess rainwater.




Plants can also outline boundaries by creating walls and segregating spaces within the environment.

They also function to provide shade from the bright rays of sunshine, combating the hot weather that often drives people into indoor apartments.


There are many considerations in designing and establishing an aesthetic and sustainable landscape.One of the concerns includes embedding plants and trees in the urban landscape that fit within its urban settings. For example, an area that has is hot with little moisture must have certain plants that thrive in this warm condition. Thus, a great amount of time and energy must be invested in making an aesthetic and sustainable environment for people.

It is thus important to engagean established landscape contractor Singapore company that seeks to construct a scenic setting that maintains its functionality. The designs and implementations are executed according to safety and environmental guidelines.

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